About Sarah Knowles Design

Creative with paper

Sarah Knowles Design is all about being creative and exploring potential.

Using mainly re-found paper (lacquered for protection) with coloured silver leaf gilding, eco silver and non-precious wire. I aim to create individual and thought provoking pieces of wearable art and sculptures.

No piece of jewellery or sculpture produced is ever the same. Each piece evolves with its very own sense of character, style and treasurable quality.

Why paper?

Paper is such a versatile medium to work in, it can be used in so many different ways.  Working with re-found paper is an absolute joy, the paper has already had a journey and from that basis I then cut, fold, tear, bond to create a new piece.

Who's Sarah

I am a Designer / Maker who lives and works in rural North Yorkshire in the UK.


I trained as a jeweller/silversmith, however I found working in metal restricted my working style and eventually I found and fell in love with working in paper, and re-found paper especially.

When I am not working, I can usually be spotted in retro type establishments looking for interesting paper to re-interoperate into new treasures.