Privacy Policy

Sarah Knowles Design Privacy & Data Protection Policy

Where is your data stored?


On my desktop computer in my home studio, your data will not be seen by anyone else.

Paper Copies 

These will be stored safely in my home studio.


My website is built using Godaddy. If you subscribed to my website your details will only be stored within my Godaddy account and my Hotmail account. There full privacy policy can be read here:

Customer order details for jewellery and sculptures

I keep copies of the digital or paper receipts given for the purchase of any products. These may contain your name, contact number, address and email. This is so I can get in contact with you when your item/items are ready. I will not contact you for any other reason.


I will only use testimonials with your consent. I will only display your name. I will not disclose any other details.

Quotes and invoices

Quotes and invoices contain your contact details, I will not share these with anyone.

Third party suppliers

For credit card payments I use iZettle. They will only receive information needed to verify and authorise your payment card and to process your order. The iZettle privacy policy can be red here:

For posting products I use the Post Office or another reputable courier service. They will only require a name and address.

I use a third party accountant, they have access to invoice details.

Data Breach Policies

If under any unforeseen circumstances my business is subject to a data breach and I think that my customer personal data has been compromised I will contact you immediately. I will recommend that you should reset online passwords to accounts, and any other pertinent information that is related to the breach.

Other info

I will never pass your personal details to anyone for them to use for their own marketing purposes.

I never purchase data set lists.


For any queries about my policies or your data, please contact me via email.

My company details are:

Sarah Knowles Design


For my own personal privacy I prefer not to disclose my full address, email and telephone number online.

Policy last updated: November 2018